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Cornflake Quake

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I’m 14, I made this with my brother who’s 11 and his mate who’s 10.

1. A quick trip to you local shop is needed to buy 7 bars of galaxy chocolate (the best ever) and a large box of cornflakes.

2. Melt chocolate over simmering water

3. When smooth slowly fold in the cornflakes until completely covered in chocolate by this time I had chocolate and cornflakes between my toes as bowl needed to be bigger than expected.(we started with 4 bars of chocolate but soon realised it was not enough hence 3 more)

4. Pour the mixture onto greaseproof paper and mould into a circle

5. Put in fridge for minimum of 3 hours or learn from our mistakes and put in freezer for a lot less time.



Here is the finished product next to it original form

Here is all of the measurements
Diameter: 30cm
Height: 3cm

Here it is next to us


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