Mighty Matchmaker
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The next morning, the sugar still hadn’t set. With a new respect for boiled sweet manufacturers, we added some ingredients.

Next we melted down vast quantities of chocolate. This part is great fun. If you can’t be bothered to pimp a snack, we would still recommend melting vast quantities of chocolate. Mmmmm…

We mixed the pulverised mints with the chocolate and spooned it lovingly into the mould. It might look like poo but it smelt like heaven! Try to avoid spilling it on the carpet. Big brown stains can be difficult to explain, “No, no it’s chocolate. Smell it…”

As you can see we strengthened our mould (now lined with baking paper) with classic videos, bringing a touch of old skool to the project! It’s nice to know they still have a place in modern society.

Leave for a really long time (unless you have a very long thin fridge).

Careful scrutiny of our beast’s puny cousins revealed some distinctive markings on the undercarriage so our high standards demanded we added this detail. You can’t see it on the photo (or indeed on the finished article) but trust us, it’s WHACK!

Here it is in all it’s glory.

After hand finishing the ends to give an off the production line look, it was about 7 matchmakers long and 6 wide. Not as big as we said it would be (isn’t that always the way?) but have you made a giant matchmaker?! No, we thought not.

Of course it’s not all about size, testing revealed it to be a deeply satisfying (and tasty) snack.

Approximate cost £9. Quite expensive then, better send my housemates back on the game…

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