Mega Twix
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OK, so, having had a conversation with my girlfriend about pimped Peanut Kit Kats, we decided (well, I did :-) to pimp a Twix!!!

So, here we go... First off, ingredients... Chocolate (obviously)..Tescos finest at 48p a bar.  We bought four, anticipating anly needing a couple, but in the end, we used them all. For the biscuit component, we used good old shortbread. The toffee component was easy, having been introduced to the fantastic Dulce de Leche many moons ago

Not being able to find any Twix shaped containers, we had to improvise, and made some out of cardboard and lines them with foil.

So, to melt the chocolate.  Take note, a metal bowl is fantastic for melting chocolate.  This is because metal is good at conducting heat.  Which will also be transmitted to your hand if you attempt to pick the bowl up once the chocolate is melted.  Meh!

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