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Mega Pancakes

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This was a surprisingly quick to make snack, that comes in at over 2000cals. I wanted a pancake breakfast with as much bacon in it as possible. because as we all know, it’s all about the bacon.

Ingredients (prices approximate)

4 extra large pancakes (1.99)
3 large eggs (£1)
3 tablespoons of Ghee for frying (30p?)
cup full of mixed berries (50p?)
1 banana (30p?)
12 pack of bacon (£2.25)
60ml of extra thick double cream (£1.00)
50ml tblspoons syrup (30p)

total cost about £7.50

Started off by ‘george Foremanning’ 12 slices of bacon, (don’t worry, later i added them to a frying pan to get some of that lost fat back), (780.75 kcal)

Next I fried the pancakes (684 kcal) in ghee (clarified butter) (100kcal) , heated the fruit (50 kcal) until it turned warm and juicy, and put together a fried banana (fried banana 150 kcal) omlette (3 large eggs. 263 kcal). I did this all at once, whilst taking phots, who said men can’t multitask!?

started to stack the food. and chucked the bacon into the pan to soak up the left over Ghee.

layer 1 Pancake
Layer 2 half the banana omlette, 4 bacon strips

layer 3 Pancake
layer 4 the rest of the banana omlette
layer 5 pankake
layer 6 eight bacon strips

Layer 7 pancake
topping 1 fruity goodness (high in vitamin C… so it’s good for you)
topping 2 dollop of double cream (extra thick of course… 268kcal)

topping 3 good solid squeeze of syrup. (175kcal)

And then I ate 2471kcal of pancake goodness!


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