Mega Muffin 2
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First things first you need The T-shirt, a birthday present


Massive Muffin Pan - 99p
Cheapo Lidl's chocolate - 4 x 38p

Everything else we had in the flat anyway - so effectively free.

I'd already done the science bit and work out that my usual 12 bun muffin pan filled my super-pimped out muffin pan twice over so it was a simple case of doubling up the recipe. I choose chocolate chip muffins because there seemed little that could go wrong.

That included:
510g plain flour (by the pimpest baker in the world - My main man, Fred [WormellaPimp2b.jpg] - Just look at that hat!)
6 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon of salt
300g sugar
2 eggs
480ml milk
170g butter
170g Chocolate

The Stuff

Pimped up kit, the trusty Kenwood - also a birthday present and finally some idea of what to do:

The Pimped-out Massive Muffin case was greased. Since it came from the 99p shop I wasn't 100% sure it would survive the oven but never mind. The oven's fan heated so I stuck it on at 200C to warm up.

First enough butter to kill a small child, melted and added to stupid amounts of Fred' Phatest Flour

Mixed in the trust Kenwood

and poured into the lined Massive Muffin Pan

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