Mega Muffin 2
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And into the oven

and then we waited....

.. And the disaster struck!!!

The oven was too hot!! A crust had formed and it stopped it from rising like a proper muffin should have. Emergency action was called for and the crust was sliced open, hoping it would let the muffin rise. The oven was turned down and I resumed watching day time telly, checking on the Massive Muffin every 20mins or so.

Finally - 40mins after the initial half hour cooking time: it was cooked through. And it only sank a little when it was carefully removed from the Massive Muffin Pan

A managed to hack a fair chunk out - I was hungry after all this.

To show you not only was it cooked though, but magically the majority of the chocolate had vanished. I think it's fair to say Lidl's finest isn't quality cooking materials.

Last but not least I have a reference picture - note the size of the shot glass... Note the size of Massive Muffin

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