Mega Massive Monster Munchie
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Step Seven: Let the toffee set in the chocolate mold (This involves taking the bowl out first...I used boiling water or you can wrap the bowl in clingfilm first...It would save water...Obviously) But then place the smaller bowl that you used for the biscuit ball I spoke of earlier into to centre of the toffee...Don't for the love of god spill it into the bowl...Then you lose precious toffee...(Using a bowl instead of the biscuit ball saves the toffee and the biscuit is it goes pear shaped...Another Pimpthatsnack Top Tip...

Step Eight: Toffee burns, hunger pains, a clutterd fridge and two nights without sleep...It was war...The next few hours were vital to the mission...Some alcohol to calm my nerves (It was my day off, thank god for study leave) Remove the bowl, replace it with the biscuit ball and melt the remaining chocolate over the top (OTT) (lol) Leave to set in the fridge...I must say at this point my fridge shelves have started to bend due to the biggest Munchie ever made...

Here is the finished masterpiece...After the four squares were cut in by an A* Graphics Student...Oh Yeah...

And another spectacualar shot

Errr Right, Now Lets Do Some Statistics:

Weight: 5.75Kg
Dimensions: 30cm x 30cm x 11cm
Calorie Content: 27,940
Munchie To Mega Massive Monster Munchie Ratio = 9,900:1
Total Cost: £15 If You Get The Chocolate From Where I Did...(Secret)
Time Taken 2 Days

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