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Start to roll. Very tricky but keep your patience and roll with all the skill you can muster.

Step Five – Melt the second chocolate batch

Melt the remaining chocolate and cool it in the fridge. At this stage – get involved and have a good dip!!

Step Six – Smother

Add the first batch of the cooled chocolate to the rolled sponge to create the base. Flip the whole thing over and coat the rest of the roll in the second batch of melted chocolate, remembering to cover the sides.

Step Seven – Patience

Put in the freezer for 10 mins to cool off and, if necessary, remove and add another layer of chocolate.

Step Eight – Hell Yeah!

Eat and enjoy!

MAXI and Mini rolls

The all important cross sections

Look – a family of mini rolls! See how they play with their Maxi roll friend! It’s a family frenzy!!

Mmm – Lovely…
Mr Kipling, if your reading this – give us a call on 0800-ILIKECAKE. We make exceedingly good confectionary items don’t you know!

WARNING: Each Maxi Roll contains at least 13,270 calories!!!!!!!!

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