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Massive Gem Action

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Everything seemed to have been done already and wanting to be apart of the Pimp That Snack archive we came up with the jelly fest that is Massive Gems. Rather than following the standard method for jelly making we knew that it would have to be far more concentrated to match the chewy-ness of a typical Midget Gem of which 5 weigh about 1 gram.

We used a quarter the required amount of water microwaved until the lumps had gone and poured into selected moulds (beakers). We left them to set in the fridge for a few hours while we did what everyone else at this point does celebrated our idea with a few beers.

Voila, as they say somewhere else.

The Massive Gems were eased out of the moulds and look fantastic the end product weighed in at 100 grams. That’s hefty in the scaled up percentages as you can see.

Our cost for this came to £2.50 but can depend on the type of jelly you buy. We had a mixture of the store brand and commonly know jelly perfectionist. We found no difference in the end. They were tasty and went great with ice cream.

The Huge Cola Bottle inspired this project.


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