Massive Easter Egg
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Fed up with those tiny super market chocolate eggs? I made some 40cm by 20cm egg molds with embossed logos.

My network (scouts for 17.5 to 25yr olds) decided they wanted to do a pimp that snack themed night so I said I would make them massive egg molds as Easter was coming up.

Part 1 making the molds:

I made a wooden former (Can you tell what it is yet?)

A former is a mold for making a mold, if that makes sense…

I then covered the wooden former in plasticine to smooth it all off.

I placed this into a machine called a vacuum former, which melts a thin sheet of plastic over a former and sucks it down around it to copy the shape.

This was then my finished mold.

I would need 2 molds one for each half of the egg, I also added logos to the molds; you can just about see them in some of the pictures. These logos were added by placing thick cardboard mock ups of the logo on top of the former before vacuum forming.

Part 2 making the eggs:

Clean the molds then lightly oil with cooking oil.

Melt the chocolate using a bain marie.

Spoon a layer of melted chocolate into a mold and spread it all around the mold.

Place mold back into fridge and let it set.

Keep adding layers of chocolate and replacing in the fridge to set until you’ve used all your chocolate or have made the egg thick enough. Our egg was 0.5cm to 1cm thick in places.

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