Massive Easter Egg
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Here we had a disaster with the white chocolate, I think we over cooked it as it started to go solid again…… so we ate it! Carried on with milk chocolate – a bit like a backwards kinder egg!

Carefully prise the chocolate egg from the mold.

Take each half and melt the edges together with a hot knife or small cooking blow torch.

SMASH and enjoy!


Chocolate: 1.5kg about £7 if you don’t use fancy expensive chocolate.

Time: 6 hours making molds, 2-3 hours making eggs

Food grade, high density polyester thermoplastic for vacuum forming: £0.50 a sheet (1 sheet per mold)

Vacuum forming machine: £2000 – might want to borrow one of these like I did!

Overdosing on chocolate: Priceless :D

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