Kosher Krispie King
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Are you ready for this pimp? Kosher, crispy and HUGE. Seriously, not for the faint-hearted-pimper.

Ok, buy yourself:-

- Cart-full of chocolate (we used ~2.7kg)
- Your height in Rice Krispies (we used ~1.3kg)

And that’s about it. Remember – quantity counts, not quality.

If you go to Sainsburys, be prepared to be accosted by members of the public and staff members who know about pimp-my-snack. They are EVERYWHERE (and extremely helpful). Nothing shouts out “I shall spend this evening pimping” then sweeping clean the entire shelf in a supermarket of all its milk chocolate.

Pour the Rice Krispies into a LARGE mould. We used a bucket.

Oh yeah, remember to take out the free gifts FIRST. Oops.

Melt the chocolate in your nearest heat source, and pour into your mould with the Rice Krispies.

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