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Kosher Krispie King

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Are you ready for this pimp? Kosher, crispy and HUGE. Seriously, not for the faint-hearted-pimper.

Ok, buy yourself:-

– Cart-full of chocolate (we used ~2.7kg)
– Your height in Rice Krispies (we used ~1.3kg)

And that’s about it. Remember – quantity counts, not quality.

If you go to Sainsburys, be prepared to be accosted by members of the public and staff members who know about pimp-my-snack. They are EVERYWHERE (and extremely helpful). Nothing shouts out “I shall spend this evening pimping” then sweeping clean the entire shelf in a supermarket of all its milk chocolate.

Pour the Rice Krispies into a LARGE mould. We used a bucket.

Oh yeah, remember to take out the free gifts FIRST. Oops.

Melt the chocolate in your nearest heat source, and pour into your mould with the Rice Krispies.

We melted the chocolate 600g at a time, as that is all that would fit in the microwave. We would add this chocolate to around the same amount of Krispies, and adding both ingredients every 5 minutes or thereabouts. Continue until the mould is filled to the top with delicious chociness.

Mix well! After a while it will feel like you are mixing cement there is so much of it. BEAR THE PAIN. Remember – soon you will be tucking into this beast.

Leave to set overnight – preferably in a fridge. Then remove the next day and stare lovingly at it for a few hours. If only one could marry a krispie. Then eat ravenously for the next month.

Et, voila!


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