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Ok so it was a typical Saturday morning and as usual we were thinking what to do then all of a sudden it hit us! - What chocolate bar did we both fancy - what website did we both have in mind - Kit Katastrophic was put in motion.

Step one was getting the ingredients - as always there is a Tesco nearby so that's where we headed.

Chocolate - 4 x 200gram bars
A normal Kit Kat Chunky

Total Cost

Step two was making the template for the lettering on top. I decided that the cardboard back of a notepad would suffice and after studying very closely the lettering on a KitKat (as you do) I got to work.

Whilst I was doing this my better half was preparing the chocolate for melting - by now our front room was intoxicated with the smell of chocolate and it was clear we were going to have to work fast - this chocolate was in danger of being eaten!

We decided to blue tack the letters into our tin so that it would not only keep them in place but also prevent any seeping underneath.

We got to cutting the wafers, as they were too wide for our tin - a delicate process but one that we managed with our pimping skills

Ok so the chocolate was melted the wafers were cut and the templates were in place - lets get pouring!

After laying a significant amount of chocolate as the top layer we had the next delicate task of placing those wafers in - I stepped aside as this was a crucial part and didn't want to be responsible for any mishaps - heaven forbid our Kit Katastrophic come into any danger.

We were done - for now - all that was left to do was to put our Kit Katasrophic in the fridge and wait..and wait...and wait

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