Kit Katastrophic
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Next morning after a dreadfully fretful, sleepless night it was time to check on our baby - it was ready for extraction!

Now this actually turned out to be the most nerve-racking part of the project - after about half an hour of tapping, smacking, shaking and generally beating the tin it was clear that our efforts were going to be fruitless - and then we had a vision - heat! We put the tin in the grill for a few seconds and that was it our Kit Katastrophic was born and what a sight it was.

Not content with just seeing the outside it was time to cut our precious pimped chocolate bar in half - not an easy task but well worth it as you can see.

I know what you want to know..did it taste nice? Nice!! It tasted like the best Kit Kat Chunky to ever exist on this earth!! In heaven - I think ive reached Nirvana!!

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