King Chocolate Finger
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Day 2 - 4:34pm in the King Finger house:

After unwrapping the shortbread cylinders we make the unhappy discover that, although the shortbread was cooked to perfection, they had still flattened out slightly. We were reluctant to start cooking more shortbread, so instead we remembered the saying from an old Monty Python sketch "Adopt. Adapt and Improve". This involved taking each of the cylinders and we cleft them in twain (that's cut them in half to my pimping partner)

This would give us 6 chocolate fingers of over a foot in length. Quite acceptable. But with such a reduction in size, we knew we'd have to ensure that the finished article looked like the real deal, so simply spreading the chocolate on was out of the question. We needed to ensure we overdid our attention to detail.

Step 1: Cover the biscuit in chocolate and make it as smooth as we possibly could.

Step 2: Freeze it.

Step 3: Using a hot knife, trim the excess chocolate from around the base. Feed these bits to the pregnant pimper, waste not, want not.

Step 4: Using the same knife, scrape the high spots down so make it as flat as possible.

Step 5: We took some kitchen paper, dipped it in hot water and smoothed out the surface.

We're sure you'll agree that the final KCF is indeed a dead ringer for it's little brother and is a pimp to behold.

Oh, and for the record, it tasted great!

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