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We have made a giant Jaffa Cake. This was a school project at Tuxford Academy. We Used 300g of flour (Self Raising) 300g of caster sugar and 6 eggs for the base. Then we used Orange Jelly and then some Apricot Jam for the middle and around 6 Dark Chocolate bars. This is how we made it:

1) We mixed Caster Sugar and 6 Eggs together. We whisked this for around 10 minutes. Then we folded the flour. This took 5 minutes.

2) After this we poured it into a greased baking tray and put it into the oven. This took 15 minutes. Then we put it into a blast chiller for around 10/15 minutes.

3) Then we cut out a circle shape from the Sponge Cake to make the base. This took around 5 minutes. Then we cut out a whole to put the Jelly and Jam in.

4) Next we made the Jelly. We put it in a jug with 50-75ml of water and put in the microwave for 1 Minute. Then we put it in the blast chiller for 45 minutes.

5) Fifthly we melted the 6 bars of Dark Chocolate to coat over the top. We melted this in the Microwave for around 2 mMinutes.

6) We Cut out some more Cake from Extras we made earlier. We cut it out the same size as the Jelly and fitted it into the whole that was cut out for the Jelly. This was to make the curved top. This took around 5 Minutes. Then we coated the top with the Dark Chocolate.

7) The final stage was to neaten the top and put pattern on. Then the Jaffa-NORMOUS was complete.


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