Hostess Cupcake
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We let the cakes cool and then began assemblage. One layer cake went on the bottom, followed by the angel food cake shape. We cut a bigger hole in the middle to accommodate more delicious pimpy filling. Note the crack in the middle layer. That was on purpose, to give our cake more street cred.

Next, the top layer cake went on. We mixed up ganache by heating semi-sweet baking chocolate with some whipping cream. That went on top of the whole monster. Finally, we added the white “curlies” that make a Hostess cupcake what it is. Trim up the edges a bit, and you have one huge pimped out cupcake.

How big is this cupcake you ask?

A comparison of our pimped out treat next to the original.

We cut wedges out of each to display the delicious filling.

Finally, we cut the monstrosity into pieces. Note the wedge of original Hostess cupcake. That would be the garnish.

It took about 15 people to polish this thing off. All our coworkers gave praise for such a pimped-out feat of engineering. Oh, the chocolaty goodness.

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