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The day that we first saw Pimp That Snack.com was the day our lives were given a purpose: we NEEDED to pimp a snack. Then, like most other people, we spent a good few weeks trying to think of something to pimp that hadn't already been done - I was refusing to do a meat or gelatine related pimp due to the disgustingness of the ingredients, and all the best names in the confectionary and biscuit world had been done.or had they? We wandered into Morrisons for some inspiration. Our answer was, quite literally, staring at us in the face. Or should I say smiling.

Happy Faces!! Of course! All the goodness of a jam sandwich cream (something which had recently been pimped which I had admired) but with a range of expressions on the top biscuit - enough to put a smile on even the toughest snack pimper's face. So we bought all our biscuit ingredients, were looked at oddly by the man at the checkout (or was it woman? I sometimes can't tell in Morrisons), and headed back to the kitchen to start the pimp.

First job was the 'research'. Ahem. Ten precious minutes and half a packet of Happy Faces later, and all we'd established was that the Happy Face was indeed made out of buttercreamy stuff and raspberry jam. There are a range of expressions in a packet of Happy Faces, but after much deliberation we decided the best one for pimping was the lopsided grinning face.

So, to the mixing bowl. We used the somewhat classic ingredients combo on Pimp That Snack of 1 part sugar: 2 parts butter: 3 parts flour - or if you don't do ratios that's 250g sugar, 500g butter and 750g of flour, adding more and more until you have enough for 2 big circles of biscuit. We melted the butter a bit in the microwave, and then used a smarmy Kenwood mixing thingy, but any sort of mixing will be just fine.

Once the mix was done it had to be cooled in the fridge for half an hour. We played the waiting game for a while then it was time to roll the mix into two slabs about a quarter of an inch thick. LOTS of flour is required for the rolling process, both on the surface and the rolling pin otherwise it will stick like mad. We then made sure they were perfect circles with a circular tin lid which worked well.

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