Gingerbread Man
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Take one old faithful recipe from a 1970’s children’s cookbook….

100g (4oz) Plain flour
25g (1oz) Brown sugar
50g (2oz) Margarine
75g (3oz) Golden syrup
1 teaspoon ginger
½ teaspoon bicarbonate of soda
But you’ll end up needing to double this!!

Marzipan (lots of)
Chocolate (1 bar)
Silver balls
Desiccated coconut
Writing icing

Estimated cost: 7 quid

Begin by mixing rum and coke for all. Drink rum while arguing whether to double the recipe or not. Liam thinks a recipe for 12 gingerbread men will be plenty…

Problem! No weighing scales! However, clever 70’s book is telling us 1oz is a tablespoon so off we go!

Cream margarine and sugar until your hand aches while everyone else has a White Russian!

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