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1. It's Christmas. But rather than pimping Santas cookies or Rudolph's carrot I decided to put my money where my mouth is and make enormous chocolate money.

Eight 400g bars won't break the bank.

Normal price - 8 @ £2.18 = £17.44 Crazy money

but with a little bit of Christmas cheer (Morrisions multisave) we can save a pretty penny - £5.44 to b precise.

It's a Christmas miracle - 3.2kg of chocolate for £12.

If money talks, it's saying "call me a dentist"

2. Gather the equipment.

Chocolate. Check Biscuit tin lid (coin mould) - Check Cling film. - Check. Chocolate money - Check Photocopy of the queens head - Check Girlfriend Christmas shopping, out of the house for the next four hours - Check

Then let us begin.

3. You know the score. Get melting! I only have a tiny bowl (awww), so did it a kilo at a time. As you can see this is not on the cooker but moved over to the light to get a shot. Where is the cooker I hear you ask? (It's behind you! Oh yes it is....)

4. We're talking serious inflation. A normal everyday chocolate coin weights 4 grams but I'll be giving those tiny coins a run for their money. For each coin I'll be using 1 kg+ of chocolate. So fill the dish and get it in the freezer. I lined the mould with cling film, because that's what everyone else does. I'd like to try it again without just to see what happens.

5. To make this as 'authentic' as possible I photocopied a picture of the queens head to use as a template. Feel free to add to your coins whatever you like - perhaps a sketch of Diana the people princess, or doodle of Bono. It's your currency, don't be shy.

6 With the template in place I took to applying it in melted chocolate. I added a few mini chocolate buttons around the edge as I thought it added a verisimilitude to the piece. (Turner prize here I come!) Easy money!

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