Giant Yummy Money
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7. Tinfoil discs. What more can you say except try and get less greasy finger prints on yours than I did on mine otherwise you'll end up with some very dirty money.

8. Cover the money in the tinfoil discs.

9. Check it out. This coin is massive compared to the bog standard chocolate money. But there's nothing more boring than just one giant chocolate coin. So I repeated this two more times leaving me with 3 giant coins.

10. And we need something to put them in. I suggest either a giants fishing net, a fat ladies fishnets, or do as I did, use the netting that the Christmas tree came in. And these coins are big enough to impress even a bald chap from the Treasury. But they're too heavy to hang from the mantle piece - It would bring the wall down.

11.9. CASH BACK!

One coin alone has 290g of fat and over 5250 calories.

Remember money is the root of all cavities.

Merry Christmas!

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