Giant Scone
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After checking out the pimpthatsnack site we couldn't resist making a giant scone.

Ingrediants For The Whole Scone were:

1300g self raising flour 150g of butter 1 and a half pints of milk 300g caster sugar 1 and a half jars of jam 1 can of squirty cream 150g of raisins (if you wish, we didnt use raisins)

We decided to make the scone in 2 halfs so it would fit into the oven. Both halfs were made in the same way though.

Place 650g of self raising flour, 150g of caster sugar and 75g of butter into a large mixing bowl. Blend the butter into the mixture then add approx 3/4 pint of milk into the mixture and mix until the mixture forms into a dough.

Place some flour onto a baking tray and place dough onto tray and into oven at Gas mark 7.

Once cooked do the same for the other half of the scone. Let the scone cool down then add jam and cream.

Place the 2 halfs together and hopefully they'll turn out better than ours.

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