Giant Mallomar
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Step 5:
Meanwhile, we started heating up about half of the chocolate for the base layer in our makeshift double boiler (a pot with boiling water and a glass bowl above it filled with chocolate chips).  When the cookie came out and cooled a little we removed it from the cheese cake pan and proceeded to fill the pan with the melted chocolate. 

Then we went out to pick up more chocolate and a box of real mallomars from the store while everything cooled off for a bit.

Step 6:
When we got back, we started heating up the other half of the chocolate chips.  In the mean time, we gingerly slotted the cookie on top of the now somewhat hardened base layer of chocolate.  We also for the first time plopped out our giant marshmallow onto the top of the graham cracker cookie.  It looked marvelous.

Step 7:
When all the chocolate melted, we proceeded to pour it over top of the marshmallow and cookie, shaping it with a spatula.  We removed the ring of the cheese cake pan to allow easier access with the spatula to cover the whole thing.  After we were satisfied with the chocolate coating, we put it in the refrigerator to harden.

When it came out, it was a beautifully pimped mega monster mallomar.  We realized afterwards that we should have used a blow dryer to smooth out the chocolate coating, but who cares, we were hungry for some pimpage!

In all, this was a fairly simple pimp with very few opportunities for mishaps.  However, it left taste testers extremely impressed.

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