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Ok. We made a really big M&M. It's bigger than anything else on Pimp That Snack and over 1000 times the size of the original object. This sounds simple, but when you have a collective IQ lower than a lamp, its actually quite troublesome.


Around 4kg of the cheapest chocolate you can find.
A box of Glucose Powder
Bag of Sugar
Bag of Flour
Red Food Colouring
Silver Balls (leftover from the Rainbow Burger simple Pimp)

Because we are utter retards, We pretty much forgot all the ingredients when we went to our local ASDA (source of quality cheap goods)It took around 5 trips to get all the stuff that we needed, a complete mission for the Glucose powder, which apparently we needed.

After searching on the internet for a recipe for an hour, we were shown the light with Wikipedia (hiss, spit) providing direct links to how to sugar coat chocolate. They said we needed "Sugar, Flour and syrup"

Being so vague we searched for whatever syrup we could, but with the advice of a friend picked up the glucose stuff.

Anyway. Firstly we melt all that damn chocolate down. Being the idiot that my friend is, he put it on max heat thinking that the quicker it melts the quicker we finish, and most of the chocolate ended up as a burnt mess.The second half was completed by yours truly and was much more smooth. As you can see it took a lot of effort a lot of chocolate. Due to the burnt mess, the amount was reduced to around 3500grams.We then put the mixture into a bowl with greaseproof paper so it didn't stick.

At this point we really do feel quite silly. After hitting the bowl as hard as we could for a while, we began to think logically. so the bowl was duly dumped into a bowl of warm water to melt the sides so the chocolate would just slide out. result :)We used melted choc to stick them together naturally.

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