Giant Licorice Allsort
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At this point, realised the bowl wasn’t going to be big enough to stir in the coconut (and that we were going to end up with more coconut ice than the dish would take). Decanted the mixture into a bigger bowl…

Next step – stir in the coconut. This is harder than you think – the whole mixture stiffens and its like stirring putty. We did this in shifts, taking around 15 mins to amalgamate it all.

Then I held the bundle of liquorice roughly in the centre of the dish, while my GA spooned in the coconut mixture and packed it down with a fork. We soon realised we’d have enough for two medium sized allsorts, made in the sort of cooking rings you see on Ready Steady Cook and other posh cooking shows. The liquorice bundles for these were only half height, so just bundled the same amount of liquorice and chopped it in half, then repeated the hold in place and pack down.

After an overnight rest in the fridge (as recommended in the recipe), the allsorts were turned out. The little ones were released by running a knife round the inside of the ring, the bigger one came out of the mould like a dream and the paper peeled off with no problem.

Et voila! The obligatory picture with “normal” size for comparison. The bigger one is a little out of proportion (if we did it again, would add another layer of liquorice), but looks more like they used to be when I were a lass and the coconut layer was thicker.

Finally a stack of allsorts. I’m told they tasted quite good (personally I hate liquorice and so I’m just nibbling the coconut ice off the big one)

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