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Having marvelled at the wonders on for a while now,  we decided that it was about time we tried to do a pimp for  ourselves. so, on the approach of our identical twin friend's 30th  birthday party, it seemed only right to substitute their more  traditional birthday cake with a very very very large kit kat... First off, the ingredients:

12 bars of chocolate weighing 200g each (we actually ended up using a 
Further 400g in the end! - that's 2.8kg)
3 boxes of ice cream wafers
1 bag of coco rice cereal
and A jar of chocolate spread

Estimated cost: about £13 The next thing to do was to make a mould for the chocolate. We did  this using thick cardboard. and a whole lot of sticky tape: The logo was cut out of card in reverse and stuck into place inside  the mould.

Then came the really difficult bit - lining the damn thing! We started to do this with foil, but found this was ripping when we  tried to fit it in around the smaller details of the mould.

Eventually we just decided to cover the sides in foil and then put a  layer of cling film around the bottom, hoping that the weight of the  chocolate would be enough to push it down around the mould for the logo. (with hindsight, it would probably would have been best to cover each  piece of the mould individually in foil before sticking it all  together and then grease that slightly with melted butter before  adding any of the ingredients - although this probably would have  taken us about another three years to complete!) We filled the mould first with a thick layer of chocolate first and  let that set in the freezer (the mould could just fit in there if we  took out the basket at the bottom).

Then when this had all hardened,  we started filling the inside of  the bars with layers of wafer and a mixture of chocolate spread and  rice cereal which was the nearest thing we could think of to get the correct texture for the inside filling.

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