Giant Kitkat
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Once the bars had been completely filled with the layers, we finished  off by filling up the rest of the mould with melted chocolate and  left it all to set again.

When we were sure all the chocolate had gone hard, we removed the  bars from the mould. this was a bit of a mission as we found that the  cling film had been set right into the chocolate in some places. we  had to use more melted chocolate to fill in some of the gaps and  smooth bits over, but on the whole it was looking pretty cool. the logo didn't show up in the top of the bars as much as we had  hoped due to the dodgy cling film, but the words were still clearly visible.

Here's a shot of our kit kat next to a regular sized version:

Then we wrapped the chocolate in foil and a giant wrapper:

And presented it to the birthday boys:

The giant kit kat weighed a colossal 3.5kg in the end and was much  enjoyed by all at the party with plenty to spare...

I hope you have enjoyed looking at the photos as much as we felt sick  having eaten such a ridiculous amount of chocolate and wrongness!!

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