Giant Jaffa Cake
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The following the amazing result of one of the first "date nights" of myself and my partner, henceforth known as RachAl.

1. We used mostly cheap products (student budget), and the more astute amongst you would notice we cheated with a store bought cake mix. RachAl make a bloody good sponge cake, but we felt particularly lazy on this occassion.

2. Shove the sponge in the oven. 1 pack of cake mix in a wide cake tin makes about the right thickness.

3. Jelly! We didn't take a photo of this unfortunately. We mixed up the jelly with less water than instructed, as we wanted quite a strong orange flavour. Precision is not our strong point, but somewhere about 1/2 and 3/4 of the recommended amount ofwater should work. We used a shallow dessert bowl as the mold and stuck it in the fridge. Then we had a cup of tea.

4. Cake baked and jelly set. Now melt store brand chocolate in ancient and barely functioning microwave supplied in student kitchen.

5. Chocoate should be artfully applied. Do long criss-cross drizzles to simulate the checky effect on top of the jaffa cake.

6. Let chocolate set. Voila! One giant jaffa cake. You'll notice we burnt the edges of this one. It is highly recommended that if you are to make your own you do not do this.

7. Cut, serve to friends, soak up praise and take gratuitous shots of your masterpiece.

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