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Giant Cola Bottle

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First step was to cut the Gummies, although we had four boxes only used 2.5

Boil the brown gummies,the smell is immense, keep stirring until there are no lumps and is a nice gooey consistancy

When the syrup is ready pour through a sieve and make sure there are no lumps, pour it into a heatproof jug.

Pour the mixture through a funnel into a coca cola bottle thats submerged in water, so it dosent change shape.

Let it set overnight


Next day Boil the white bits up.

Keep adding and making sure your stirring hard so there are no lumps.

The syrup will drip off the spoon.

Pour into coke bottle again submerged in water, then chill over night.

Next day it should look like this still in the bottle.

Cut bottle in half.

Place on tray thats covered in greaseproof paper!!!


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