Giant Green Triangle
by for £5.00

Step 1: Make a triangle mould from cardboard. A snooker triangle makes an excellent template!

Step 2: Gather the really simple ingredients; milk chocolate, hazelnut spread and hazelnuts. Try not to eat any of the yummy ingredients before getting started! Estimated cost: £5, but can be done cheaper with unbranded chocolate and spread.

Step 3: Melt some of the chocolate and the hazelnut spread in a pan, stir in as many chopped hazelnuts as you like.

Step 4: Pour the delicious molten chocolate mix into the mould. Try not to burn your mouth on it when tasting.

Step 5: Leave to set for a few hours somewhere cold (fridge or freezer, or outside in December in England!)

Step 6: Melt the rest of the chocolate and spread over the now solid triangle. Leave to set for a while until almost solid, then mark on the 'boomerang' shape found on the original green triangle.

Step 7: Wrap in green foil for the authentic look.

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