Giant Gingerbread Boy
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Add the egg and treacle to the bowl with the sticky mixture in it. Continue to mix until blended.

Mix the two sets of ingredients together until you have a ball of dough.

Now comes the bit where you need to make your pattern pieces. We drew around Harry and then cut the paper pattern into 10 pieces so that each piece would fit into the oven.

Roll out the dough into the correct sized and shape pieces and cook each one at 180oC for 10-15 minutes. When they are cool, stick each one onto a large piece of card with a little royal icing so that they stay in place.

Next is to give your boy some clothes. We dressed ours in our school uniform. First you need to colour your icing by mixing a small amount of food colouring with the blocks of roll out icing. Be careful not to mix too much colouring in, as this makes the icing go really sticky; add some icing sugar if this happens. Also, be careful not to spill the food colouring – it makes a real mess if you do. Believe us, we know! Our final work of warning is that the food colouring may not come off for a few days, so you may get some funny looks from other people when they see your green hands!

When you’ve coloured the icing, roll it out

and cut to shape. Use some royal icing to stick the clothes to the boy.

Our teacher, Mrs. Rutherford, used royal icing to ice the school’s logo onto his jumper.

Finally, as our boy was for red nose day, we gave him a big red nose.

And here are the finished boys:

The one on the left is made of Gingerbread and the one on the right is Harry!

Normal gingerbread boy – 15cm
Harry – 105cm
Giant gingerbread boy – 110cm

Cost of small gingerbread boy – 30p
Cost of giant gingerbread boy – The ingredients cost £17.45, but our teacher paid for them. When he was finished, we cut him up and sold him to raise money for Comic Relief. We raised £20, and he was yummy!

We think we did a fantastic job, and we hope you agree. We hope you have enjoyed reading this, and we’re already thinking about what we can do next.

Please rate our boy – we are hoping for a really great score! Thanks.

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