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We had all been fans of the site for while and thought that it could be a laugh to attempt a pimp. Naturally we wanted to try to pimp something that had not already been done before and so came the task of finding something new to do. We had a hunt around the site and found it near on impossible, however, we had a cunning trick up our sleeve! .... A Work Experience girl! After finishing the work we had given, she asked us for more. Obviously we set her the task to find "a snack that needs serious pimping!" - After her week was done she came up with the answer ........ "you can pimp a Freddo!" - "Excellent work!" (She'll go far in life!)

So the task had been laid out before us. How could we do it? - Follow our story down below :D

The first task was the mould! We knew there would be nothing as convienient as a "Freddo" shaped cake tin, and even if there was it wouldn't be big enough. No we had something much larger in mind, at least a foot high and 5kg or more!

The Child in us started to speak and we decided to make a mould out of Modelling Clay......So a trip to the Early learning Centre was planned. 7.5 kg of clay exchanged hands and was carted from Surrey to Essex via central London, a task in itself. The mould was skilfully crafted and left to dry for a few days. Unfortunately as it dried it shrunk and a few cracks appeared, but these were soon patched; smoothed and the mould was ready!

Saturday morning and it was time to set this pimp into action! First stop; Asda. We jaunted straight into the Chocolate aisle (giggedy!) and picked up 60 bars of the "Smart Price" 100gram bars and some clingfilm. The girl on the checkout must have wondered what 2 girls and a guy were getting up to that night! :P

Back to the house we went. A few cups of tea and a quick patch up of the mould later we were ready to start with the cling film.

We carefully laid this over every nook and cranny in order to help the mould come out when set, leaving our poor Freddo mould look like something from a sick S&M film. Next came the chocolate! We elected for the Banne Marie option and thus started to break up the choc and get melting. I do love the smell of chocolate in the morning ..... however the smell of cheap chocolate in a banne marie is not all that pleasant!

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