Giant Creme Egg
by for £10.00

Here are the egg-xact ingredients, 1 Cadbury's creme egg easter egg and 14 Cadbury's creme eggs.

Annoyingly when we removed the foil wrapping we discovered that the easter egg was in two halves; A problem which we tackled by using a hot knife to melt the two halves back to eggy perfection.

The hot knife came into play again as we needed to remove the top of the egg.

This done we began the arduous task of removing the cream from each of the smaller creme eggs. Let the filling begin!

Fortunatley we filled the giant egg (brian) before we had egg-xausted our supply of eggs. Result - Perfection.

Problems encountered -
Co-op supplied us with a duff egg
the sheer weight of the creme caused Brian to crack (solved once again with a hot knife.)
No single human could consume this egg without suffering serious internal injuries.

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