Gargantuan Guinness Cake
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So my friend Emma and I decided to pimp. We've pimped in the past, but we wanted to impress. But what to pimp? Most of our ambitions had been previously done and far be it from us to steal ideas! So (with St Patrick's day nearly upon us at the time) we decided to pimp guinness to feed the paddy's day party.

1.75 kg butter
21 eggs
500g chocolate
1 kg castor sugar
500g icing sugar (and plenty stolen from the host's flat to finish the cake)
2kg flour
1 jar of raspberry jam
baking soda
vanilla essence
1 tube of white chocolate flavoured icing.
estimated cost: £20
Apparently it is possible to bake an actual cake with guinness in it but poor students can't afford such lavish ingredients.

Start with making a huge volume of cake mix using the butter, flour, baking powder, eggs and castor sugar. We didn't have scales so we used a ruler to measure how much of a packet to take and a LOT of luck guessing quantities! Put the mix in round baking trays and hey presto some wonderful building blocks! Sadly the cakes were domed so we had to carve them so they'd stack well.

so, once we'd baked 6 (we aimed for 8 but our quantity-guessing failed us on the 2nd batch) we decided it was time to stack (after an eventful transit from my flat to the party-flat: copious quantities of cake shouldn't be transported too quickly). Get one whole jar of jam in there and some skewers to hold the cakes which are falling apart and what do you have? That's right, you guessed it, a stack of jammy cake.

some brisk carving later and the shape is born.

Next we made up some butter icing using the rest of the butter, all the icing sugar and some vanilla essence.

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