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Fruit Power Pastille

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After three months of head scratching we came up with it! No one has yet to pimp the almighty Fruit Pastille. After hard deliberation and countless tasting sessions the decision was unanimous – large the lime, grow the green, enlarge the emerald – its time to pimp the mighty green one!

Off we headed to the local supermarket with our colossal idea but our minimal budget – (hey come on I’m only 13!). Total spend equalled: £1.91 (is this the cheapest pimp yet? Do we get a badge?)

3 x packs of green jelly £1.14
2 x limes £0.32
500g Granulated Sugar £0.45
Water – FREE (Kindly donated by Thames water but more kindly filtered through a Brita filtering system)

First step – beg, borrow but eventually steal my sister’s casserole dish! (She’s only 22 but has three – what a geek!)

Second step – Oh come on it’s not hard is it – break the jelly up and add 140ml hot water. Hang on wait – it was that hard! Instructions were for microwave preparation only. Suggestions to stimulate the microwave experience included hair drying the bowl, putting it in the oven (quickly discounted that one!) and finally we agreed good old fashioned saucepan and oven hob!

Third Step – Add 3x570ml of cold water – I’m pre GSCE but even I can work out that’s 1710ml (and that’s not even funded education – cha!) (At this point big sis is in confusion over modern day youth slang!)

Fourth Step (getting bored of me numbering the steps yet?) – Bung it in the fridge until it sets.

Well I’ve got bored of numbering all the steps! Anyway what was supposed to be a three hour wait turned into an overnighter due to the sheer humungousness of the power pastille! After deliberation as to how to get the pastille out of the mould (yes probably should have thought of that earlier!) we decided the casserole lid was the only viable option!

Now for those of you questioning the limes on the shopping list, in order to recreate the true tangy, limieness of fruit pastilles this ingredient was essential (well ok it’s really so the sugar would stick to the jelly!) A generous squeeze to coat the power pastille.

Followed by an even more generous coat of sugar!

And there we have it, a pimped up Fruit POWER Pastille!


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