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Well Here we are I thought I would have ago at my own Pimp not so much a
Viscount more of a King count.

4x Chocolate bars 49p ea (£1.96)
Butter 53p
Plain flour 27p
icing sugar 94p
Mint essence 72p
Pack of viscounts 79p
Total £5.21

First up get all the Ingredents together, Note to self use Plain Flour not
Self Raising (Doh!!!) Right, now you need to make the Biscuity Base, this is a simple Shortbread
Base (Mmmmm Shortbread).

This is Rolled out to a Round and put on a Pizza Tray, Bung it in the oven
for about 1/2 hour, time for some pimping tunes.

Now for the Mint Fondant (Mmmmm Fondant), This is a Pound of Icing sugar
(Sweet) a bit of Water and of course Mint Essence (Mintyliceous). This needs
to be Mixed together into a Paste.

Biscuit base out of oven, now melt the chocolate – you know the drill –
in a bowl over a bit of heat and melt or you could cheat and use the

Spread this on the Bottom and Chill (Both the Biscuit and you).
Take it out Flip it over and spread the Mint Fondant on the middle, Now
spread More melted Choc on top, Chill again.

Normal Viscount about 1/2" Kingcount Roughly 12" Pimptastic bring on the
next pimp

Once Nicely chilled take it out, admire your work, cut in half, then eat. Oh
also take a few Photos and get it on Pimp That Snack. (KingcountLiseous)


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