Fruit Power Pastille
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Fourth Step (getting bored of me numbering the steps yet?) – Bung it in the fridge until it sets.

Well I’ve got bored of numbering all the steps! Anyway what was supposed to be a three hour wait turned into an overnighter due to the sheer humungousness of the power pastille! After deliberation as to how to get the pastille out of the mould (yes probably should have thought of that earlier!) we decided the casserole lid was the only viable option!

Now for those of you questioning the limes on the shopping list, in order to recreate the true tangy, limieness of fruit pastilles this ingredient was essential (well ok it’s really so the sugar would stick to the jelly!) A generous squeeze to coat the power pastille.

Followed by an even more generous coat of sugar!

And there we have it, a pimped up Fruit POWER Pastille!

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