Frigate Cake
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Capain arrives and begins preparation of the rigging. The masts are created and then spars are attached using licorice rope.

Meanwhile, the first mate is putting the yellow racing stripes on. Makes it go faster!

A suitable implement is needed to make cannon shaped holes in the side of the ship - a pen is sacrificed for the greater good and the ship starts to get some armament.

The tray used was another genius purchase, again 2.99, this time for a disposable barbeque set. The coal, etc is taken out and put away in case we ever need to black up. The cannons are completed, and with a bit more icing the frigate is looking mighty fine.

The captain is working furiously on the masts, figuring out how to attach rice paper sails to the spars using licorice. After a bit of trial and error the mizzen mast is completed.

The captain's sail creation technique improves, and eventually all of the square sails are complete, and the masts are in place! The bowsprit is jammed on, and it's time to splice the main brace! The licorice rope is run across the top of all the masts.

The first mate sets to work applying a previously made huge bowl of green jelly for the sea, while the captain finishes off the sails with a jib and a spanker.

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