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Munchie 2

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8x200g bars of Netto milk chocolate (24% caco)
8x100g bars of Netto cooking chocolate (50% caco)

1 tin of condensed milk
Golden Syrup 2 teaspoons
Butter 100g
Caster Sugar 110g

Sugar 100g
Butter 150g
Flour 180g
2x Plantpots

Total Cost £10 ish

Right, cos we have got nothing better to do with our lives than make a giant munchie that’s better than the other persons attempt we (Tom, Nick, Dan, Josh, Amy’s disaproval and Aby’s advice) decided to do just that.

First you melt a lot of chocolate, I mean loads we are talking over 2kg of the stuff… Mix both types of choc together cos it tastes better.

Pour chocolate to form base the put second smaller plant pot in and pour chocolate around that. (Do not add pimpin allcyyholl to chocolate cos it congeals and goes funny whilst wasting £8 worth of choc.

STOP PRESS have discovered meaning of life, cover wooden spoon in very hot melted chocolate then hit people around the face with it.

Make some shortbread (preferably get women to do this as cooking is difficult for real men) to go inside and roll it into dough balls. Then bake.

Make the caramely fudgey stuff (tip: dont call it fudge cos saying fadge all the time makes very childish people laugh, especially when refering to packing it into the chocolate). Drinking is bad when doing this cos hot caramel burns (think third degree and a hospital visit…)

Put all the caramel, fadge and pack into chocolate with shortbread. After this pour on more chocolate to form base.

Cut and eat but beware it will make you sick. Everywhere. Its very rich, don’t drive either cos then u is sick in ur ride innit. PIMPEDish.


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