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We then prepared the icing. We had decided on a yellow fancy rather than red, mostly on a whim. Though yellow is nearly the colour of gold, which is of course the most bling of all colours. In order to be true to the original, we used lemon juice to make the icing for that real lemony tang. In my opinion this also makes the super-sized fancy a health food as it officially contains vitamin C.

For this baby, you need a LOT of icing. I wasn’t joking about the kilogram of icing sugar in the ingredients list. Make the icing nice and thick so it doesn’t run off the sides. And don’t forget that yellow colouring. NB save some icing sugar because you’ll need white icing for the stripes.

Get icing quick, before the icing sets in the bowl!

We let the icing set for a while (half of Green Wing), then went back and used a knife dipped in hot water to make it good and smooth. By this point, I had eaten so much raw cake mix/cake trimmings/icing that I was practically a fondant fancy myself. I also discovered that eating this much sugar before bedtime makes sleep virtually impossible and gives you a sugar comedown headache in the morning.

Next, the white stripes (the icing, not the band, hahaha… sorry, sugar overload). The Mr Kipling fancy we’re using for comparison has (in my opinion, inferior) brown stripes, but the M&S original that inspired us had white stripes, and we decided to be true to our muse.

And lo and behold, the finished, super-sized, pimptastic, monster fancy!

See how tiny a real fondant fancy is in comparison. Muffin reckons our fancy is 125 times the volume of a standard fancy.

And the obligatory cross section.

Ours is stripey on the inside because of sticking the three cakes together, but otherwise PERFECT! And it tastes mighty fine too.

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