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With only 2 tins, and three cakes to make, we had to do a fair bit of waiting around. The solution? Tea! By the time we were on cake three, we’d started messing about with other utensils, such as the zester, so we decided to add some lemon zest to make our last cake more interesting.

Bored of waiting and bored of tea, we cracked open the wine. So, after all this, we had three cakes! (and let me just say that the weird sinister boy thing in the background is nothing to do with me).

These needed to cool before we could move on to the next stage. Time for… a barbeque! (and more wine). Many sausages later, we returned for phase 2 of the pimping.

Phase 2: create a cake cube.

Make the butter cream stuff. This will go on the top to make the lumpy bit, as well as sticking the cakes together. We used the left over caster sugar (too gritty – avoid in future pimps) and a load of icing sugar, about a whole bar of butter (softened), and some milk. Beat like crazy with the beaters or a wooden spoon (or both! But not at the same time).

Slice the tops off the bottom two cakes so that the stack will sit flush and not topple over (or require vast amounts of butter cream stuff to fill the gaps). Use the butter cream goo to stick the stack of cakes together.

Our tins weren’t exactly the same size (curse you, sainsbury’s) so we trimmed the edges to make our cube perfect. Unfortunately I’m not very good at trimming…

With the stack complete, we were ready for phase 3, lumping and icing…

We moulded the butter cream goo stuff into a mound or hump (cue for song: my hump, my hump …), plonked it on top of the stack, and smoothed it with a knife for good measure.

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