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Bake for about 20min, gas mark 5 – we kept checking them after 15min to avoid burning!

Whilst they’re cooling, unwrap the 2 bags of toffee, and melt in the microwave. Melt the chocolate over boiling water. Do not attempt to eat the melted toffee. It hurts..

Now for the precision building – pile up the slabs of flapjack in alternating layers - we had 3 cherry and coconut layers and 2 raisin layers
Stick them together using the chocolate and toffee

There were a few gaps in the side; we packed these in with some toffee (or fudge, if you will)

Drizzle the remaining chocolate and toffee over the top and let it all cool.

We had some melted chocolate left and after eating what we could, we put the rest in an ice cube tray – to use for decoration; we put these on top with the all-important candles

The finished product weighed 6kg (and had 1.5kg of fat and 2.7kg of sugar..)

Calorie count was 30,000 – enough to sustain the birthday boy for 12 days.

Here’s the cross section – one slice fed 6 of us!

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