Enormous White Chocolate Chunk Cookie
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Pop it in the oven and bake for about 25 minutes. Remove from the tray immediately and place on a wire rack to cool and harden. This is where the greaseproof proved its worth. We had to use a spare oven shelf raised up on some tins of tuna for this. Cooling takes a few hours so we left it overnight. It was too dark to take pictures anyway and we had been away from the pc for a couple of hours!

Being fitness and health conscious we naturally had to think about the nutritional values and in our opinion these are the healthiest cookies in the universe. We came to this conclusion as follows:-

Margarine – made from vegetables which EVERYONE knows are good for you.
Brown sugar – it's brown and EVERYTHING brown is good for you.
Flour – wheat ground down to NOTHING.
Chocolate – everyone knows THERE ARE NO CALORIES IN CHOCOLATE.
Milk – GOOD for you.

So, go on and have a go. It's great fun, passes the time and gives you mum something to do. You know how much she LOVES cleaning the kitchen.

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