Emperor Penguin
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Step five:

Place on the other half of the biscuit on top and squash it down, cutting off the excess frosting with a knife.

Step six:

Melt down some chocolate and pour it over the bar like a in-patient at the local insane asylum. Put the pattern in using the back of a spoon or other suitable utensil. Merrily throw the amazement into the fridge to set.

Step seven:

When set, trim off the excess chocolate, turn over, and cover the base in melted chocolate. Originally we had 200g of chocolate to work with, but this was used up by this stage and we had to call in reinforcements. Wham it back into the fridge.

Step eight:

Admire your gargantuan Emperor Penguin. Cut open to reveal the internal delights. Now that's what I call a p..p..p..pimped up penguin!

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