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Twas inspired by a friends fascination with pimping. 'We must make a monster for his birthday" I de'claired' to my pimp momma and so the EeeeeEK lair was born.

Momma was sooooo on the case, a brick of butter we melted.

A tricky section next adding water then a small barn of flour and a hefty dose of pimp mommas elbow grease to make sure the pastry 'took'. Phew! my she has muscles.

Then to the trusty kitchen appliances to continue the mommas good work adding a dozen whisked eggs slowly and gently.

A mighty tray from the depths of mommas oven was greased and prepared. we laid out our gooey mix in dollops then smoothed it off with wet hands, a sensual experience!

After some time in the oven the choux bun to crush them all emerged!

An overnight stay at the walk in fridge and stage 2 was started. But disaster had struck in true pimp style...It was stuck to the tray and the bun 'lid' had collapsed under its own mighty weight! It was decided to make the tray a part of the deal and pimped it with foil

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