Double Double Decker
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Step Three: The chocolate crispy slab is removed from the freezer and has a layer of melted chocolate applied to form an adhesive base for the noo-gah.

Step Four: The layered chocolate crisp and noo-gah is then cut in half lengthways and one half is placed on top of the other to create another 'double deck' glued together with another thin layer of melted chocolate. It then gets a short back and sides to clean up the edges and is put back into the freezer to allow it to set.

Step Five: Removed from the freezer and jacked up on chopsticks the bar is ready to receive it's chocolate overcoat. A couple of applications are required with intermediate trips back into the freezer – this is one mammoth slab of Decker!

The Reveal: The Double Double Decker is removed from the freezer for the final time.

TA-POW! (T'Pau… anyone… no?) Carol Decker? Not likely – this isn't China in Your Hand (Christ I'm showing my age) this is a Double Double Decker in BOTH hands!

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