Double Desmond Decker Coconut Slice
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Banged some heat on its ass. Chill wid ya homies ‘til it take a tan –

Let the new born lay down its head, den show it who’s boss and proper slice it up, spread wid nuff o dat sweet jam –

Pimp it proper on ya sun bed, and lay it down on wood –

Flex it up and add some bling, show da baby slice who da King Pin Double Desmond Decker Coconut Slice Daddy, den serve with a brewd, en go wid da flo mo fo and check out da snow!!! wid a aerial vu, seeeen…

Don't worry, Pimp Daddy doesn't understand a word of this description either. Nice pimp though!

Pack it up wid dem single layer biiaaaches and Den pack up in ya momma’s favourite bag and tek to work to share wid ya hommies.

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