Double Decker 2
by for £7.20

Step 1 - Bought 2kg of premium quality tesco value chocolate - a mere 25p a bar. Nice. Got funny looks in supermarket queue of which we have no photos. Created tin thing out of a foil tray and sellotape and we were ready to begin...

Step 2 - Chocolate melted in microwave by zapping at max voltage for a few seconds then panicking and dementedly stirring. Worked well. People arrived to witness the pimp. Drink was pimped, it was green and created in the salad drawer of the fridge. Salad shunned and evicted. A pimpload of rice crispies was poured into chocolate and pressed into the bottom of the tin. The base was thus made and this pleased us.


Step 3 - The nougat was placed in the microwave for experimentation purposes, and the experiment was enlightening - nougat get frickin hot. The nougat was lovingly placed on the pimp-to-be. The pimp was a-comin together. We smiled. We had done well.

Step 4. Beautiful Creation was bathed in molten chocolate. Chocolate escaped out of hole in tin. Bugger. But we had done well and the pimp is good. It pleases us.

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