Crunchie 3
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Once it did that we whisked it all up with bicarbonate of soda until it looked like a giant expanding gloop. We had to pour it into the mould really quick, ended up in very burnt fingers and a weird burnt smell in the kitchen.

In the mould it expanded and our creation was born. Inexplicably it was called Gerard, the crunchie. Once set we peeled it out and spent too much of our time making sure nobody got metal poisoning from the foil that got left behind in gerard’s wrath.

A few more faces had turned up at the window at this point and we set about melting 14 bars of chocolate and pouring it over Gerard, our chocolate baby.

We finished, proud of our creation and on a bit of a sugar high from the leftovers.

Couldn’t be bothered with the wrapper (we are lazy teenagers). But it most definitely served its purpose soaking up the copious amounts of alcohol at the party. Unfortunately the munchies caused us to eat it without the obligatory cross-section photo being taken- you’ll just have to believe its massive yumminess. WE PIMPED THAT SNACK!!

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